Top Quality Wallpaper 1 Roll = 0.53m x 10m ( cover approx 5m2 ) Red Brick


  • Item : #1090
    • PVC
    • 0.53m x 10m Roll
    • Wallpaper glue/powder not included
    • Wallpaper glue can be purchased from your local the Bunnings warehouse
    PLEASE NOTE: Color Tones can vary, due to different lighting in the room. We recommend using a white light to show correct color.

    >>> Delivery
    PLEASE NOTE: This wallpaper is out of stock at the moment.and will back in stock at the end of MAY.
    Before that We will post the wallpaper from China factory directly to you by EMS express air parcel. It takes around 5-10 business days to arrive to you.

    >>> How Many Rolls Do I Need?
    This is a question we get asked all the time, so we have put the calculation below for your convenience.
    1. Work out the length of your wall TIMES X the height of your wall.
    2. Always divide 4.5 (because one roll can cover 4.5 sqm)
    3. Add 15% in to the total to allow for pattern repeat and edge wastage.
    It will come out the total rolls of coverage needed.
    1. Wall: 3M wide x 2.4M high. 3 x 2.4 =7.2 sqm
    2. 7.2 divide 4.5 = 1.6 roll
    3. Always add 15% in to the total to allow for pattern repeat
    1.6 add 15% : 1.6 x (1+0.15) = 1.84
    so you need 2 rolls.